Spend Your Holidays in Vegas

Las Vegas might be one of the best travel destinations in this world. You could find anything you need during your travel in this city from entertainment to the finest foods that served by those famous restaurants. But like any other travels, there are many things that you should prepare if you’re planning your travel to Vegas, especially if you’re taking your kids with you. Taking kids to travel to Vegas might be a good decision as long as you know how to plan the travel properly. Basically, there are three main things that you need to notice about your plan to travel to Vegas with your kids. They are hotel, entertainment and dining. If you could make a great plan based on these three main things, you could travel to Vegas with your kids and give them the experience that they would never forget. Let’s take a look at these three main things. First thing is hotel. Chose a hotel that could give the best service for your whole family include your kids. Make sure that the hotel has proper accommodations for your kids such as foods, games, toiletries, high chair and playpens. Some hotels even provide interesting pool area for children including its special themes mini water park. The next one is entertainment. You could find various places that provide entertainment for the whole family especially your kids. These entertainments are including 3-D film, various exhibition rooms, merchandise shops, theme parks and even light shows. For the dining, you could find various places in Vegas that could provide you fantastic dining for your kids and families. Menus like macaroni and cheese or even personal pan pizza will secure your kids’ stomach as they enjoy their moment at this city.

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Villa Asante at Echo Beach

Just 500m northwest of Canggu Beach is Echo Beach, or Batu Mejan. It has critical mass in popularity and has become its own scene. Echo Beach House is one of the famous restaurants amongst all the restaurants and warungs (small local eat house) at Echo Beach. With nice decorum and outside seating faces the waves and drawn stylish loungers. It has a variety of couches and picnic tables where you can hang out watch spectacular sunset. Echo Beach House is a good place to drop in. The atmosphere is great and the staff is fast, friendly and efficient. The menu offers a wide range of different styles, Western, Mexican, Indonesian and BBQ. Select your fish or seafood from the tray of ice at the BBQ station, they prepare it for you and bring it to your table. Go early to select a table on the beachfront (it’s actually up on the stone breakwater) so you have a good view of the waves and surfers doing their moves. Echo Beach House delivers locally and on Sunday afternoons Echo Beach literally rocks with local musicians jamming to one big party. Yes, this place has it all!!!

Echo Beach  Villa Asante

Echo Beach in Canggu has plenty of beautiful luxurious holiday stays but there is on villa that really will take your breath away. The impressive and graceful Villa Asante for 8 people just a mere 60 meters located from the famous and beautiful surfing beach of Canggu. The contemporary styled villa for 8 people, complete with four bedrooms and a swimming pool, is located just 200 meters from the beach in the fishing village of Canggu on Bali’s southwest coast. This delightful property is comprised of three buildings set within an expansive walled garden, together with a 20 x 12 meter lap pool and ‘bale’ relaxation pavilion. The main two-storey building incorporates the bedrooms and a cozy TV-room, while the two, single-storey, open sided pavilions houses the living room, the dining area and kitchen. Villa Asante is unique because of its style and elegance, its warmth and the privacy, which lets you enjoy your holiday in peace and privacy.

The Layar Villa Seminyak

Having vacation is important need for every people. Vacation can refresh our body again after running the activity. It is recommended for people to have vacation for once time in the beautiful place. The vacation in beautiful place can refresh people from tension of their work. With having the vacation, people can increase their work capacity after arriving from the vacation. There are many places that can be choice for vacation place, for example like Bali. Bali is one island in Indonesia that has beautiful scenery.It is very proper to be used as the vacation place for people.

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Enjoy Your Time in Bali

One of the heavens in the world is Bali. The panorama, the environment, the view and the culture, all of them are the great attraction from this beautiful island. Because of this attraction, many people from the other country feel interested with this place. Even it becomes one of the popular site tours. If you interested to see the beautiful panorama, this place can be the perfect place to visit. Even it can give the beautiful experience as a honeymoon place.

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Visit Candidasa, Eastern Part of Bali – Story of Bali

As a tourist area, Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua is somewhat qualified. The travelers can get everything there. Ranging from entertainment, food, lodging, until various souvenirs. But what about the price paid for the various facilities? Clearly, not cheap, even practically choking me. To stay overnight at the villa or hotel in the region three ‘gold’, the costs could reach USD 300. So even with the price of food and souvenirs, can be four or even five times the normal price.

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Seminyak Bali Villas Rental with Baby Sitter Service

Seminyak Bali villa rental is the enormous way for travelers to spend their holiday in the Island of the Gods. With this type of accommodation, guests acquire the benefits that they will not have when they stay at a hotel or another lodges. The most obvious is privation, the space to you. In hotel, you will not have your own privation living room and most possibly thing you should allow; such as you’re visiting friends at the lobby or on the bar where there are a lot of people. Another advantage is that you also get all facilities that are extraordinary for your place.

However, facilities and services in Seminyak Bali villa rental are usually restricted. Some facilities that are common among this type of accommodation may include garden, swimming pool, kitchen, living room, home conveniences, home entertainment and another amenities. Services common among this type of accommodation may include welcome drink, breakfast, cleaning service and so on. But these arrangements are made specifically for adult guests. When the guest carries on their children, they require having additional facilities and services. You be able to always find an external additional agency that will provide the additional facilities be fond of pool fence or shuttle service. On the other hand, when it comes to children, you need a baby sitter.
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Are Uluwatu Villas Any Good?

Among other areas of Bali, Uluwatu is possibly the less popular one. Started to become more well known only in the last few years, Uluwatu is located in the southern peninsula of Bali. In general, anywhere along the way from Jimbaran hill down to the iconic Uluwatu temple is known as Uluwatu.

Among a few reasons for being less popular apart from being newly discovered is distance. From any other parts of Bali, even from the nearest areas like Jimbaran and Nusa Dua, getting to Uluwatu requires you to either drive or ride a motorbike. Being a rather newcomers, facilities are also rather limited. Looking for restaurants, shops, hotels, are rather difficult and when you find them most of them are not that good. Continue reading

Rent Bali Villas Confidently

How do you book your accommodation when you are planning a holiday in Bali? Most people will choose to book in an internationally acclaimed hotel chain through an office of respected travel agent in their country. Why would they do it? They will book at an international hotel chain – like Hyatt or Sheraton for example – because it ensures consistent standard. You know what level of quality you will get in a Hyatt hotel anywhere across the globe. You will book it through an office of a reputable travel agent in your country because even if anything goes wrong, you know where to go. Continue reading

Why is Seminyak So Attractive

When you ask backpackers heading to Bali for holiday where they will stay, most will say Kuta. But when you ask up-market holiday makers the same question the majority will choose Seminyak. It perfectly fit what in marketing we call as market segmentation, but that is not the really interesting part to pay attention to.

Bali has a number of holiday enclave that cater up market travelers. The exclusive neighborhood of ultra-luxurious beach resorts of Nusadua is just to name an example. But in fact there is something for the rich in almost every area. In Kuta which is known as a backpackers’ paradise, there are a number of expensive accommodations like Kartika Plasa which is also famous for its neighboring shopping mall or Hard Rock Beach Club popular for its entertainment. Both are beachfront, both are expensive, no backpackers can afford either of them. Continue reading